The SAPs: royal road for the professional retraining of women

Between professional ambitions, family life and personal aspirations, women in France are particularly concerned by the difficulty of juggling these different essential parts of their lives. This is probably the reason why more and more women are deciding to take their destiny into their own hands by turning to career transition. And not just any old one: a reconversion in the Personal Services (SAP) as aself-employed entrepreneur. A real change of direction in a life that Augias knows is important. It is therefore quite natural that our teams decided to participate in the Profession’L trade show(, dedicated to the professional reconversion of women, which took place in Lille at the end of April in front of a large audience.

Part-time work, over-represented among women

According to a recent study by the Insee Institute, “ 79.5% of the part-time population is female. In 2019, among employees excluding apprentices, 28.9% of women and 7.7% of men worked part-time (…) For women, the propensity to work part-time increases with the number of dependent children, and the younger they are, whereas these factors have little influence on male part-time work. Thus, 41.8% of employed women with at least three dependent children work part-time, and this proportion rises to 45.9% for those whose youngest child is under 3 years old. Women are therefore more concerned by part-time work, often to the detriment of their career development. Thus, once their duty as mothers is fully accomplished, they tend to ask themselves the question of professional reconversion.

This change of pathwhich goes to thebeyond a new function, requires a quality accompaniment. This is why theAugias are more than ever at their side to accompany them from the creation of their activity.

Supporting this transition

Cis to accompany women towards this professional transition thatAugias a decided to participate in the Profession showL of Lille. which, over the past 10 years, has guided more than 40,000 women in their professional (r)evolution! The goal? To facilitate the connection of women seeking a professional change with companies that are experts in training, recruitment, employment support and business creation.

As a partner of Human Services professionals, our presence at this show was unavoidable. Indeed, if there is a field in which women can consider a reconversion with peace of mind, it is by doing everything possible to become a self-employed in the field of SAP. With 26 recognized activities, there is a wide variety of choices and possibilities of reconversion allowing to reconcile one’s personal life and one’s desire to develop professionally by basing one’s activity on values of mutual aid and social link.

And why not you?

  • A growing sector

One of the first reasons to go into the homecare profession is certainly that there is a clear shortage of qualified professionals in the human services sector. Indeed, the figures prove it: thehome help professionsare among those that will benefit from the largest volumes ofjobcreation. 320,000 positions could be filled, including 160,000 net creations and as many retirements to be replaced.

Self-employment in the personal services sector makes it possible to meet this ever-increasing demand for quality services with a seal of approval, while allowing independent workers to build a better work-life balance.

  • Training courses and a variety of professions

Secondly, even if you have been away from the working world for a while and have no specific initial skills, home-based personal services offer a wide variety of different jobs. From helping the elderly to home maintenance, DIY, gardening or cooking at home, the choice is vast for women who want to get into this field. In addition, in order to help you evolve and increase your skills, we have developed a complete training program with the help of professionals. In addition, our quality label allows you to enjoya real professional recognition and to develop your skills to end up, in fine, with the construction of asa real life path.

  • Jobs with passion

Finally, women are strongly present in the home-based human services sectors. Why ? Empathy, care for others, interest in others, listening, organization … these qualities, often feminine but not exclusive, are essential for those who launch themselves into home-based personal services.

More than a profession, a real life project

Women therefore have a real role to play in the future of EWS… and without it being at the expense of their own development and future. For those who are looking for a new direction, SAP represents a real opportunity. After a period of training, you will be able to project yourself into a new life that is likely to be more compatible with the harmony between professional and private life that you are seeking.

Augias accompanies you all along your journey to help you realize your dreams and fully develop as a woman and an entrepreneur. “Independent but never alone!” This is our commitment.


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