The Augias guarantee, quality services for individuals

The “quality” label for personal services

The satisfaction of our customers, like that of our professionals, is at the heart of our concerns. As a personal service provider, Augias is a reference for professionals who intervene in your home, whatever service is chosen. We provide you with a site for connecting with service providers trained by us and we support you in the administrative procedures. With our unique services, you are now entering the new generation of personal services that will change your life!

We take care and support our service providers, in order to guarantee you quality services in the best conditions. For our professionals, this involves training courses that meet the Augias specifications, work tools made available to them and the possibility, for you, of noting the services provided at your home. We thus create a virtuous circle in order to constantly improve the satisfaction of our customers.

Finally, payment on our platform is secure, and personal services can allow you to benefit from a 50% tax credit, like any other home help service organization.

Trained and qualified professionals for quality services

Speakers trained by professionals

Our platform supports and gives the necessary tools to independent professionals (self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesses) to ensure their development and give them the opportunity to improve their skills or develop their business serenely. In this context, we are part of a new philosophy of human services, more ethical and social, where service providers are remunerated fairly because we know that times are changing and so are the expectations of our customers.

Our goal is simple: put our service providers at the heart of our commitment to values and allow them to improve throughout their careers. For each profession, we offer training adapted to our stakeholders and to health conditions. For example, our SAP professionals specializing in cleaning and ironing are trained in the most suitable gestures and products that have no impact on your health and that of your loved ones, but also in barrier gestures, in a complicated health context.

We guarantee you quality services with qualified professionals to meet all your needs: ironing, meal preparation, home help, cleaning, gardening, childcare, digital assistance, shopping, etc.

The free choice of professionals, without obligation

The operation of our connection platform is simple and without obligation. With us, you quickly find a qualified professional:

All you need to do is place an ad. You then quickly receive proposals from interested service providers who will be able to meet your needs, punctually or for a long period. In a few clicks, you find SAP professionals and you can rely on our rating system and the reviews posted by our customers to choose the provider that is right for you. Finding a free home helper has never been easier!

Simplified administrative procedures

Are you still hesitating to use our services? To take full advantage of personal services without constraint, Augias guarantees total freedom and a simplified system for all administrative procedures.

Secure payment on our platform

The invoicing of the services of our independent SAP professionals is based on a fixed price and not a number of hours. Thus, we guarantee our customers high quality services based on trust and the guarantee of a job well done.

The rates are adapted to each situation, depending on the service chosen, and you really pay the right price in complete transparency.

In addition, thanks to professional insurance, you are protected in the event that a problem arises during an intervention.

In addition, your registration on our platform is guaranteed without obligation, in complete freedom and in complete security. You can choose to pay by direct debit, by credit card or, depending on the case, with CESU employment-service cheques.

Financial aid and tax credit

Personal services entitle you to different types of assistance depending on the type of service required for your home: the tax credit (CI), the APA (Personalised Autonomy Allowance) and PCH (Disability Compensation Benefit).

The “personal services” tax credit allows individuals to benefit from a deduction equal to 50% of expenses incurred during the year, up to a limit of €12,000 per year, plus €1,500 per dependent child, per member of the tax household aged over 65 or no ascendant aged over 65. This system is set up from this year 2022, and offers the advantage of deducting directly and each month the amount of the CI linked to the employment of a home service provider from the sums owed by individual employers. To do this, we will provide you with a tax certificate which allows you to benefit from this tax system.

Thus, if you spend 1000 € in the year in the provision of services to the person, the CI allows you to recover 500 €.