Augias, the freedom to choose your quality service provider

Ethical and respectful services.

Are you overwhelmed by everyday life?

Do you want to simplify the life of one of your relatives or your parents for the maintenance of their home or the exteriors of their home?

Do you want a quality lunch or dinner, but you don’t have time to cook or to shop ?

Do you need assistance in managing and configuring digital devices such as tablets, computers or other mobile phones?

Do you need assistance because you are immobilized following an accident, or do you need someone to come to your accommodation to take care of your aquarium?

Trust the network of professionals who have joined Augias . This means being sure to choose your provider directly and to benefit from an equivalent quality of service regardless of the operator you choose.

The advantages of choosing a freelance on the Augias platform

Augias, is not a franchise or a home help agency. Our ambition is to be alongside small businesses and micro -entrepreneurs in the sector in order to support them in their daily lives and allow them to develop decently by relieving them of administrative aspects and by giving them the means of a large structure to allow them to concentrate as much as possible on their services to their clients’ homes.

Obviously, as an individual who needs a provider in personal services, you are above all looking for a competent and trustworthy worker. However, your needs may be ad hoc and you do not necessarily want to be formally linked to a professional.

In short, you have personal services needs but you don’t know where to turn? Don’t panic A single solution, the Augias platform !

Augias a wide range of personal services

Augias is first and foremost for private individuals, a very wide choice of services . In fact, personal services refer to a wide range of work carried out at home. According to the law, 26 activities are concerned, all related to home help and daily life, digital assistance or people who are eligible for the tax credit and which thus cover 50% of your expenses).

All the services are fixed price. You buy the service as if it were off the shelf. You pay for a result, not for time spent. There are no surprises and the prices are completely transparent.

You select the speaker according to your own criteria and you select the time slot. That’s it. The counselor will then contact you to define the practical modalities of the intervention and verify that the service corresponds to your needs.

Our service offering for individuals is designed to meet all kinds of expectations. It will be able to adapt to all your needs:

Quality of service, without commitment

Our operation is simple. Our digital HUB offers you a wide range of independent service providers. You have complete freedom as to the choice of your speaker. You just have to choose, without any fear, your speaker.

Whatever the service provider chosen by the customer, the quality of the service is guaranteed by the quality label to which the service provider responds and for all services performed

Augias has set up with qualified professionals a training course and a methodology , common to all . This therefore guarantees individuals an equivalent level of seriousness and competence regardless of the provider chosen.

The client can call on the support of Augias’ teams for any special requests. All independent SAP Providers are professionally insured. Payment is made to the provider via the Augias HUB. The customer also benefits from the tax credit.

Augias at the service of a social and solidarity economy and a win / win relationship

Augias’ mission does not stop at establishing contact with quality service providers. Our ambition goes much further with respect for our values of altruism, social responsibility and sustainability. This requires a multitude of attentions allowing you to find your way financially and to save time. with an ethical approach to the worker’s work .

Fixed-rate remuneration for more transparency and trust

Customer confidence is earned and deserved !

This is why we are developing a payment model for services on a flat-rate basis and not on an hourly basis. Thus, you have no bad surprises and you can be sure that the service will be carried out in the most optimal and serious way possible. In our opinion, this type of remuneration is a real guarantee of quality and seriousness on the part of our consultants.
Moreover, thanks to the professional insurance, you are perfectly protected in case of a possible problem during an intervention and in a perspective of continuous improvement, our hub integrates a system of notation of the services.

Significant tax advantages

Since 2005, the sector has been very largely supported by the system “, particularly incentive, of the tax credit called” services to the person. Indeed, this allows individuals to benefit from a tax credit equal to 50% of the expenses incurred in the year, up to a limit of 12 000 € per year, increased by 1 500 € per dependent child, per member of the tax household over 65 years of age or per ascendant over 65 years of age . And this, up to a maximum spending limit of € 15,000.

In addition, the immediate tax credit is operational since 2022. It will allow, from January 1st and under certain conditions, to deduct directly and every month the tax credit related to the employment of a home service provider from the sums due by the private individuals employers. They will no longer have to wait until the following year to benefit from it. All private employers using the CESU + service and not receiving social assistance (APA, PCH) will be able to benefit from it. Or 1.1 million taxpayers. In April 2022, the system will be extended to all customers of service providers or agents. Or 1.8 million additional taxpayers. Finally, it will be the turn of the beneficiaries of the APA and the PCH, probably during the second half of 2022.

A fair solution for customers and stakeholders alike

If we wanted to summarize, Augias is positioned as a solution for both stakeholders and individuals. Indeed, by supporting our stakeholders in the creation and management of their own personal services business, we allow them to highlight their skills and focus on their work. In addition, our model is designed to allow them to benefit from fair remuneration and to develop in a serene manner. For your part, our training courses and our fixed price services coupled with the tax advantages related to personal services offer you the possibility of offloading your daily tasks at a reduced cost and thus to take advantage of your free time to please yourself and have a good time with your friends and family.