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Discover our training center

Discover our training center

Discover AUGIAS Formation, the ideal partner for your professional development!

Our training courses are led by experts in the field, so you benefit from high-quality teaching aligned with market realities.
Opt for short sessions for an immediate impact on your customers. skills. Immerse yourself in action with our sequences combining in-center training and accompanied immersion, allowing you to learn while you practice. Our technical and teaching facilities are there to stimulate your learning and offer you an enriching experience.

Prepare for professional success with AUGIAS Formation!

Our training sites

Augias - Clockwork

38 Boulevard Canot, 59800, Lille

Augias - Créafi

141 Rue nationale, 59800, Lille

Augias - Euratechnologie

165 Avenue de bretagne, 59000, Lille

Our training courses

3 days

Setting up a business - 3 days to become a sole trader

This entrepreneurship training course gives you the keys to a successful project.

From defining your company to creation, from business development to financial management, you'll be ready independent provider.

7 days

Housekeeping and laundry for private customers

This training prepares you to become living environment maintenance agent.

You'll develop your skills to build customer relationships, organize your work and master home maintenance techniques and laundry.

All registrations include a free digital version of the reference guide for SAP professionals.

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View our welcome booklet!

Discover your new professional start by exploring our welcome booklet!

It's your passport to an independent, fulfilling career in personal services. This guide provides you with all the information you need to ensure the success of your training program.

Immerse yourself in its contents to learn more about our programs, our values and the stages of your training.

View our welcome booklet!

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