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Augias is the partner of personal service professionals.
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AUGIAS labeled personal services.
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Ethical and labeled personal service activities at home

Are you involved in personal services or are you looking for a home service provider? We welcome you to the Augias website.

Despite the crisis, personal services are enjoying increasing success. These services are generally carried out at the customers’ homes. In this context, our social-tech, is registered as the partner of the professionals of the services to the person at home in Hauts-de-France. Company in activity, active micro-entrepreneurs or people looking for a retraining …

We invite you all to join Augias! Participate in the new generation of personal services based on social relations and exchange between peers thanks to our unique network for the greatest satisfaction of customers.

An innovative concept dedicated to personal service providers

Augias supports home help service professionals to face the recurring difficulties in the sector. Our concept is simple and innovative and is fully in line with a social and solidarity economy.

It is based on the development and provision of a web-based networking platform and tools and services dedicated to entrepreneurs in order to support them in their work and daily activities. Thus, we meet the expectations:

  • professionals who provide personal services at home,
  • customers who use these services,
  • of the community that develops around these activities on the basis of noble societal values.


Would you like to find out more about our group's activities, our services and our project?

The partner of personal services professionals

Our team’s mission is to accompany and support all working professionals but also people wishing to create a business offering home services.

SAP players, trust a partner who understands your business as well as your expectations and helps and supports you in your daily work at your customers’ homes.

aides micro entrepreneur

Do you have trouble managing your work and administration at the same time? Thanks to our networking platform and our comprehensive support services, rediscover the pleasure of working in complete serenity and develop your home service business while maintaining your independence . With us, you will no longer be alone!

turnover service à la personne
Are you responsible or managers?

Thanks to its network of freelancers, we allow you to find certified freelancers and to benefit, without risk, from a continuity of service in order to compensate for the absences of your employees in good conditions . Your customers are satisfied and benefit from a similar quality of work.

aides micro entrepreneur
Are you considering becoming a self-employed person?

Are you wondering how to start a personal service business? Take the plunge easily with Augias. We support you in your efforts to get started with peace of mind and train you in the best practices of your profession .

Professionals in personal services and home help activities

Find out what our group can do for you and the services we make available to you.

A label and a guarantee for individuals

Do you want to find home help near you: odd jobs, gardening, cleaning and ironing, tutoring? Are you looking for serious and competent professionals in the field of personal service?

Our platform puts you in touch with a wide choice of home care providers, trained regularly, to guarantee you quality services and services whatever your expectations.

You just have to choose according to the proposals received. With Augias, finding reliable, serious and professional home care providers is done in a few clicks and you always benefit from a tax reduction.

augias services à la personne

Find all our news on personal services and the latest information on home help activities on our blog.