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devenir micro-entrepreneur dans le SAP

The personal services professions (SAP) are recruiting. This is good news in a disaster-stricken economy where entrepreneurs are sometimes more accustomed to very competitive sectors, blocked and in which they encounter difficulties in finding clients. In terms of SAP, the reverse is true. Indeed, setting up a microenterprise in the areas of personal services offers the advantage of embarking on an activity that is very rich in terms of outlets, but also in human terms. No risk of not finding a job or a client, demand is high and supply is small with a lack of qualified service providers. Thus, the field of personal services (SAP) in France represents a real opportunity for all those who plan to retrain and change their life by putting themselves at the service of their neighbor. As such, activities in personal services are quite varied and can correspond to many skills. So, if you are looking for more independence and autonomy, don’t wait any longer and get started with Augias !

Self-employed, micro-entrepreneur, what are the differences?

Until the entry into force of the autoentrepreneur regime (January 1, 2009), there was a real legal vacuum, but also a social and fiscal vacuum concerning natural persons who wished to develop a professional activity, but who, for various reasons, did not wish to create a company or declare themselves as an independent entrepreneur. Indeed, the creation of a company, like the registration as a self-employed worker, involves the payment of social charges, even before having achieved a turnover. In order to respond to this issue, which represented a real economic challenge for some, the status of autoentrepreneur was created by the law for the modernization of the economy (2008). This is a supervised status, with rules now well defined, and expanding, allowing the development of a commercial activity of sale or services.

devenir micro-entrepreneur dans le SAP

This simplified status allows autoentrepreneurs to benefit in particular from simplified formalities for setting up a business and from a simplified method of calculation and payment of contributions, social contributions and income tax . The latest legislative changes have resulted in a change in terminology. The name “autoentrepreneur” has given way to the term micro-entrepreneur. The auto / micro-entrepreneurs status is therefore a unique and simplified microenterprise regime.

The 26 activities that can be carried out

You can be sure that you want to focus your activity and your work in personal services. But which ones? In France, the activities of personal services are very vast and group together 26 different activities, in accordance with article L 7231 – 1 of the Labor Code. Depending on your knowledge in certain sectors, you will more easily orient yourself towards childcare, tutoring, home cleaning, gardening, DIY work or meal preparation …

Please note, certain activities in the Personal Services sector require approval from an organization without which the service provider cannot exercise (home care or support for children under three years old, home help for people aged at least 60, assistance for disabled or dependent people, care for the sick, driving services for dependent people, mobility assistance and support outside the home of people elderly or disabled). All of this is defined by law. Here again, we support you.

Indeed, before any activity launch as a self-employed company, we advise you on the conditions relating to your administrative procedures. Insofar as other conditions may apply to the planned activity, in particular compliance with professional technical standards, we are here to provide you with our insight and expertise.

The rules applicable to the status of micro-entrepreneur

The activity of autoentrepreneur can be exercised as a main or complementary activity. Registration as a self-employed person can be made online, the registration declaration will then be processed by the Business Formalities Center depending on the nature and place of exercise of the activity.

In addition, do not forget that the status of autoentrepreneur is subject to turnover ceilings corresponding to the conditions for benefiting from the tax regime for microenterprises. For service or liberal activities, the turnover threshold is set at 72,600 euros. Finally, depending on the nature of the activity, a single levy rate will be applied to the turnover achieved. This rate is 22% for the activities of SAP.

We know that for some it can be tempting to do business without declaring yourself so as not to pay charges. However, it is essential to think about your future. Indeed, if the autoentrepreneur scheme does not give right to unemployment, it allows to benefit from the social security of the self-employed as well as to contribute for retirement.

Creation aid and subsidies

Aid for the creation or takeover of a business (ACRE) is aid to business creators or buyers. It consists of a temporary reduction in social charges in brackets and an exemption from the start of activity. It relates only to contributions for health insurance, invalidity, death, family benefits and basic old-age insurance. Our teams will be able to provide you with information and support you if you are eligible for this assistance.

Tailor-made support

However, even in a very flourishing sector such as SAP, benefiting from quality support when you want to launch your microenterprise is never useless. Indeed, it is possible that you feel a little lost in the nebula of concepts to remember and integrate before you start: tax status? Your mission ? What are the particularities of AMPs? Social worker, employee or micro-entrepreneur of EWS? Home help, yes, but under what conditions? At what price? Declaration, approval or authorization? Exercise condition? Steps to take? Authorization to request? The questions and questions are legion when one starts his activity of micro-entrepreneur in the services to the person (SAP). Don’t panic, Augias offers you tailor made support for each of your steps .

We also offer you a training course created with professionals so that you can offer quality services to your customers. We are also committed to ensuring that you receive fair and ethical compensation for your work.

Thanks to our networking platform , you benefit from an effective prospecting tool in order to save time and devote yourself fully to your services.

Finally, our purchasing center allows you to reduce your structural costs: equipment rental, professional insurance … And we have also forged partnerships in order to allow you to take advantage of interesting micro-credit offers in order to allow you to develop your business in the long term.

Thus, by joining Augias and its network of personal services professionals , you are completely independent but never alone !

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