Independent provider of personal services:

Rediscover the pleasure of working in complete serenity.

You are an independent provider of personal services?

Small gardening jobs, odd jobs, personal assistance, assistance to dependent persons, housekeeper, household maintenance, childcare at home, and other services in the home of individuals have no secrets for you ?

If you feel like you’re doing multiple trades at the same time, don’t worry, many of you unfortunately do.

Indeed, even if it has many advantages in terms of independence and management of his time and agenda, the status of auto-entrepreneur in personal services matters, as for any entrepreneur, certain constraints to take into consideration. So if you want to offload certain tasks in order to be able to benefit from more time to work serenely , AUGIAS is there to help you!

We can support you in many of your daily administrative tasks . Our digital platform is a great prospecting tool that will save you precious time. We invite you to discover the advantages of joining the AUGIAS network.

Personal services a competitive and unfortunately devalued market

In France, the number of self-employed or micro-entrepreneurs working in personal services has continued to increase in recent years. This situation is explained in particular by the aging of the population but also by the desire of many households to entrust their daily housework and home maintenance tasks to people they trust in order to save a little time for the benefit of their leisure activities and to spend more time with their loved ones.

This market therefore represents a real opportunity and a growing number of French people wish to become micro-entrepreneurs in home help activities. As proof, there are now more than a million personal service professionals in France, a growing proportion of which operates under the status of auto-entrepreneur. These are mainly cleaning and ironing services, gardening or small DIY, but also home tuition and tutoring, or care for the elderly or frail.

However, with steadily rising demand, like any coin, this has its flip side. More and more professionals and auto-entrepreneurs engaged in personal services, real Swiss Army Knives on a daily basis. This increased competition sometimes leads to a sort of uberisation of the profession and to poor quality services which damage the image of an entire sector and in particular serious and competent micro-entrepreneurs.

Devote the majority of your time to the satisfaction of your customers

For any entrepreneur, a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. In this context, being able to give them more time in order to give them complete satisfaction is crucial for the provision of personal services. This is especially true in the service sector, which is carried out directly in the client’s home with the aim of helping them with their daily tasks: cleaning, ironing, shopping, meal preparation, etc.

But who relieves you , you professional services to the person, of this daily newspaper which takes you time and prevents you from satisfying new customers?

You remain self-employed and independent

Your independence is essential for you. You want to be free to work as you wish and to freely choose your customers without having to travel dozens, or more, of kilometers each day to provide your various services.

The Augias model and network have been specifically designed and designed for you who are specialists in personal services. We support you on a daily basis, we provide you with working methods and tools. But it is you who freely decide to respond to the requests that interest you.

In addition, our values lead us to put all our efforts to guarantee you a remuneration worthy of the quality of your work. Indeed, we promise you a net income greater than the minimum wage * and reduced intermediation fees in strict compliance with the legislation in force. For us, the field of personal services is valuable and we prove it to you.

* depending on conditions met

aide service à la personne

You're not alone anymore

It’s very simple, between the accounting, the collection of Urssaf contributions, the exchanges with the various social organizations, the prospection, the administrative formalities and your work in the service of the people you support, you sometimes have trouble imagining the interest in embarking on the self-entrepreneurial adventure. You fear that you won’t have time for yourself, and worse, you have the unpleasant feeling of neglecting your core business: taking care of others.

It is therefore time for you to find a solution in order to feel supported and supported while remaining independent. With Augias, you have THE ideal solution!

First of all, you benefit from our digital hub, via Internet. This allows you to respond directly to requests from potential customers who interest you by offering your services.

In addition, in order to offer a high quality service, we have developed a training course, on site , with professionals. You can thus be sure to gain in efficiency during your interventions.

Thus, you have more time to devote to your customers in order to offer them high quality services that will allow you to fully satisfy them and retain them in the long term!

In addition, your status as an auto-entrepreneur, accompanied by the Augias team, will allow you to benefit from social security coverage, while maintaining your independence.

A real development opportunity

Like any entrepreneur, specifically in personal services and business managers, you must certainly want to develop your turnover and your company.

To do this, you need financial and human resources. Augias is at your side to help you best achieve this goal by providing you with the tools you need for your professional activity.

réseau micro-entrepreneur

Human resources

In addition to the fact that the Augias teams take care of part of your commercial back office, thanks to our network of professionals, you can call on qualified professionals .

Indeed, they have received the same training as you. So you have the guarantee that they will deliver an optimal and equivalent quality of service to your customers.

The icing on the cake, you join a network that will allow you to find a replacement in the event of illness or incapacity to provide your services for you.

You can even give yourself the pleasure of going on vacation . A real luxury when you are at the head of a sole proprietorship.

You no longer have to panic for an impediment or a scheduling problem. We help you find a replacement.

In short, join Augias

means ensuring fully autonomous management of its business and a suitable income commensurate with its work while benefiting from total and unique support and the strength of a network.

Don’t wait any longer and join the Augias network !

Are you a self-employed person in personal services? Contact us .