Training for housekeepers: start and succeed as a self-employed housekeeper

The home cleaning profession is growing steadily and offers many opportunities. Today there is a real lack of trained and competent personnel able to carry out the tasks entrusted to them in a serious and demanding manner. In fact, contrary to popular belief, this profession, which is based on passion and relationships, requires many qualities in terms of knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills. You are in professional reconversion or looking for a job that interests you and meets your need to help others? You don’t have a degree or you want to be in control of your professional and personal life? Why not consider becoming a
become micro

working as a home cleaning assistant? Discover the only complete training dedicated to women and men wishing to practice this activity as an independent.

"A complete and serious training program that gives you all the keys to success!

To start and develop as an independent housekeeper requires a certain know-how and techniques that must be acquired from professionals but also a good organization. Thus you will deliver quality work while remaining efficient in order to be able to carry out several missions in the same day. However, as a self-employed micro-entrepreneur, other skills are essential in order to develop properly. These include administrative management and scheduling, customer prospecting and customer relations.

Faced with this situation, Augias, in partnership with the Union des autoentrepreneurs (UAE) and Orgaly (organization and training center specializing in training for the personal services industry and certified Qualiopi), decided to create its “Household cleaning agent” training. This complete and serious course is made up of 9 different modules to guarantee you a correct and regular income in a profession that is sometimes poorly considered. It allows you to better understand the challenges of self-entrepreneurship and to acquire all the skills and knowledge essential to self-entrepreneurs. This way, you can be sure that your transition from employee to independent status will be successful.

Our next trainings and registration conditions

This training is open to all audiences. No diploma is required to participate in this training.

Each trainee will be provided with a tablet to enable them to learn about digital technology and to actively participate in the training workshops.

The training is given in French.

For the pioneers, our future ambassadors, the training is taken care of by AUGIAS. After a selection process, if your application is validated you will not have to pay for the training. You will be responsible for meals and logistics. But you will be able to organize your meals on the spot.

The framework and the places of training

Does your daily life look like a tunnel whose end you cannot see? Do you have difficulty taking the necessary perspective to ensure the development of your business?

As an agency manager, you yourself ensure all or part of the performance of services at your customers’ homes, prospecting, quotes, invoicing, administrative procedures … In short, you have the feeling that you do not have time to do your work properly and that you will never be able to develop yourself sufficiently while noticing the weight of your loads. It is true that even if you can manage your time and be your own boss, being a micro or autoentrepreneur is a daily challenge that requires being able to perform many different tasks: communication, accounting, invoicing … All this, in more of its core business. So if you have the impression that you are alone in the face of this situation and that you cannot get out of it, contact Augias .

It is with your particular mind in mind that we have developed a complete package of services and solutions to support you on a daily basis and allow you to rediscover the pleasure of working every day with complete peace of mind . Indeed, we are at your side and relieve you of many administrative and commercial tasks, professional insurance, quotes and invoicing, our team takes care of everything . In addition, our dedicated platform allows you to get in touch with individuals looking for qualified service providers. A tremendous time saver for prospecting and a sure way to find a qualified replacement when needed or to go on vacation!

So you can concentrate on your work, perform more services and develop your business and your turnover.

réseau service à la personne

Continuity of service for home help agency managers and managers

For several years now, personal service companies have experienced great difficulty in finding and retaining workers. You are therefore not alone in this situation, many of you have particularly told us about their difficulty in quickly replacing employees who are sick or unable to perform a service. In this context, some must provide the services themselves so as not to lose their client. Thus, continuity of service is an essential issue that takes a lot of your energy.

Thanks to its network model of personal service providers , supported by its digital platform , Augias allows you to get in touch with other qualified and trained freelancers on a regular basis. You thus have the opportunity to deal with the absences and shortcomings of your intervening employees. The services being standardized and labeled, both the customer and the service provider will have the assurance that the service provided meets Augias requirements. In addition, the contractual model proposed by Augias ensures that the customer remains in the portfolio of the initial service provider.

Thanks to our training courses set up by Augias with professionals, the independent professionals in our network follow a standardized methodology in order to offer an equivalent service . This is one of the key points of Augias quality. This allows you to manage your benefit schedule and your employees’ absences in the event of illness or leave with greater peace of mind.

Creation assistance for future self-employed entrepreneurs in home services

Are you planning to retrain in personal services and become a micro-entrepreneur? Do you want to create a company in a sector that is both buoyant, intergenerational and with a positive social impact?

Getting into micro-entrepreneurship can be stressful and can deter more than one. Not to mention that starting a business is only the top of the iceberg. So if you value your independence to be able to choose your services and your schedules and benefit from a freedom that you will not have as an employee, Augias is there !

We do not leave you alone and support you at all stages of your entrepreneurial adventure in order to get started with greater peace of mind. We help you in all your creative steps, bring you a complete package of services and solutions to make your life as easy as possible and we train you continuously in order to offer your customers high quality services.

In addition, thanks to the strength of our network, its purchasing center, standardized operating procedures, you benefit from lower structural costs, negotiated rates on the rental of equipment or even professional insurance, the possibility of financing.

Our objective is to federate on our platform a community of professionals who meet and develop around noble societal values. With Augias you are independent but never isolated and you receive a decent remuneration for your work! Join our network and get started.

devenir micro-entrepreneur

The activities in which Augias is involved

Personal services encompass 26 distinct activities listed in three main areas:

  • Daily life services (housework, preparation of meals at home, gardening, small DIY, etc.);
  • Family services (childcare, home lessons, etc.).
  • Services for dependent persons

In order to be able to help and support as well as possible the professionals and freelancers who wish to join our network, we have decided to focus on the services of daily life.

Our vision is to provide a high-quality personal service offering capable of responding to ever more demanding societal demand. These new generation Personal Services will meet an obvious need and will endeavor to re-establish and maintain intergenerational links.