The project

From 2021

From 2023

From the pilot ...

... to the implementation

Creation of individual personal services companies
Listening to customer requirements and defining the best personal services offer
Creation of a community that promotes a new generation of personal services
Creation of partnerships with actors having interests to promote AUGIAS
Hauts de France

A solution for stakeholders

What is the value proposition for the stakeholders?

  • Support in the creation and management of their own personal services business
  • A range of services for personal service companies enabling them to position themselves on a high level of operational excellence
  • Reinforcement and development of skills, with specific training programs
  • A decent level of remuneration and professional recognition
  • Autonomy and flexibility
  • Financing solutions for the start-up of the activity, a purchasing center, professional insurance
  • An operational, administrative, financial and commercial support structure
  • Belonging to a community allowing the exchange of best practices and benefiting from a continuous improvement model,

A solution for customers

What is the value proposition for customers?

  • The certainty of benefiting from personal services provided by trained and qualified professionals
  • Ensuring that workers are properly remunerated and covered by insurance
  • A wide range of personal services and complementary offers for daily well-being
  • A digital platform and dedicated customer service
  • A premium loyalty program
  • A possibility of benefiting from tax advantages
  • Belonging to a community

A social and cultural reference

What is the value proposition for the community?

  • An ethical identity based on:
    • Values
    • An active presence on social networks
    • Sharing best practices in the field of personal services
    • Editorial writers, influencers and opinion leaders
  • A European presence
  • A training academy for service providers and trainers

Partnerships for expansion

What is the value proposition for the partners?

  • The provision of a “social-tech” at the service of their business project in the field of wellfare, quality of life at work, and all actions contributing to a work-life balance ,
  • Opening up to commercial partnerships in areas geared towards the promotion of personal services, for example for banking or insurance institutions, third-party marketplaces, hospital or medical institutions, retirement homes, platforms social assistance to businesses.
  • The possibility of adopting an Augias franchise model
  • Accessibility to Augias resources to develop their own structure and operational processes for companies in the personal services sector aiming for operational excellence;
  • Quality “labeling” for ethical personal services and excellence;
  • A possibility for partner companies to claim that they integrate an ESG dimension (environmental and social governance) required to be recognized as responsible economic players,
  • A tool to be an actor in the field of social and solidarity economy,